ZHS beautiful urban and rural areas sanitation group co.,ltd. Is the pioneer of China's sanitation market reform, committed to the Internet + urban and rural sanitation integration operations and the sustainable development of environmental resources, the main business covers urban and rural sanitation integration operations, landscaping landscape planning and construction and operation, comprehensive management of ecological environment, medical (PPP model) professional investment operators, such as government and social capital cooperation (PPP mode), which is a professional investment operator of the government and social capital cooperation (PPP mode).
As the professional development operator with the most development potential and value of China's environmental industry, the group company highly responds to the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the construction of the "beautiful China" strategy, and actively helps the local governments to promote the reform of the administrative system in the context of deepening the reform, To enhance the level of local environmental health management, uphold the customer-centric business philosophy, in the "pragmatic, innovative, professional, win-win" under the guidance of the spirit of enterprise, and actively promote the sanitation revolution, the development of circular economy.
Industrial structure

ZHS Environmental Protection responded positively to the strategic plan of deepening the reform of the administrative system, around the development of industrial chain, with the Internet + large data dividends, to build the Internet + environment-wide comprehensive management of industrial chain, from overseas to introduce advanced technology and equipment to PPP mode Most of the country's urban planning and investment "environmental industrial park", to play the comprehensive benefits of environmental industry, help the state supply side reform, and ultimately to the government and the community to export high-quality public services.

  • Sanitation integration operation

    Sanitation integration operation

    2138com太阳集团:Sanitation integration operation

  • Environmental industry investment

    Environmental industry investment

    2138com太阳集团:Environmental industry investment

  • Environmental planning and design

    Environmental planning and design

    2138com太阳集团:Environmental planning and design

  • Typical reform case

    Typical reform case

    2138com太阳集团:Typical reform case

  • Financial investment

    Financial investment

    2138com太阳集团:Financial investment

  • Sanitation equipment sales

    Sanitation equipment sales

    2138com太阳集团:Sanitation equipment sales

  • Sanitation integration operation

    2138com太阳集团:Sanitation integration operation


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